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Epson established in May.1942, the headquarter located in Suwa city, Nagano prefecture, Japan. Epson is the global leading company of digital image area.EPSON is creating customer values with crystals, semiconductors, and Microsystems, Epson is dedicated to delivering unique value.

VCXO,TCXO,OCXO,Crystal Unit ,Realtime clock(RTC),16bit/32bit MCU, LCD driver, E-ink driver, Gyro sensor

Featured Product

Part # Series Description Product Category Datasheet Buy
Q3309CA40003400 SG-8002CA 12.000000 MHz PC B 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
Q3308JF61000511 SG8002JF38.88MHZSTB 其他晶振 / 振荡器 下载数据手册 购买
S1D13775B00B300 N/A 其它IC 购买
S1R72V17F00C200 USB Controller 其它IC 购买
X1B000012000099 N/A 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
Q3309CA40000500 N/A 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
X1G000621007511 TCO-2111T 307.2MHZ 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
X1E000021006500 TSX-3225 19.2MHZ 7PF +/- 10PPM 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
X1E000021024600 TSX-3225-20MHZ 其他晶振 / 振荡器 购买
S1D13521B01B200 EPD controller 其它IC 购买
Q33310N70008711 SG-310 SG-310SCN 16.384000 MHZ D 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
Q3614CA00102111 VG-4231CA VG-4231CA 38.880000 MHZ DRC-T 压控振荡器 下载数据手册 购买
Q3614CA00102811 VG-4231CA VG-4231CA 16.384000 MHZ DRC-F 压控振荡器 下载数据手册 购买
Q13FC1350000400 FC-135 FC-135 32.768K 12.5PF+/-20PPM 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
Q13MC1462000200 MC-146 MC-146 32.768000 KHZ 12.5+20.0-20.0 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
Q22FA2380081711 FA-238 FA-238 24MHZ 10PF+/- 30PPM 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
Q22FA2380097911 FA-238 FA-238 27.120000 MHZ 12.0+20.0-20.0 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
X1E000021018300 TSX-3225 TSX-3225 20M 16PF+/-10PPM 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
X1E000021025900 TSX-3225 TSX-3225 26.000000 MHZ 12.5+10.0-10.0 晶体 下载数据手册 购买
X1E000021031400 TSX-3225 TSX-3225 26M 11.2PF 10PPM 晶体 下载数据手册 购买